Committed to the European Commission

commission européenne
An efficient content management system for the European Commission
Domain of expertise
Drupal CMS, Digital strategy, Responsive Web Design, Digital campaigns
Sector of activity
Governmental and European Institutions

The European Commission is a complex structure comprising about ten different multilingual organisations. 

For over 15 years, these different organisations have been working with diverse technologies. One of the most widely used platforms is Documentum, a content management system completely unsuitable for the Web. Most websites contain links to PDF documents, a solution that is obsolete and non-scalable. 
Previously, websites offered a classic user experience and were unattractive. Their closed architecture made it difficult, sometimes impossible, to integrate external tools. 
The main objective of the Commission is to make a transition towards open technologies or open-source software and to start employing a single-platform model. DRUPAL technology was therefore chosen. 
Another challenge was the rationalisation of content. Previously websites often contained irrelevant content and certain websites had a navigation depth of up to 18 levels, making them too complicated to display on a mobile device. 
Our aim was to reduce the number of pages from 30 million to 5 million. 
To best support the European Commission, AUSY and ICF Mostra formed the consortium NovaComm, an organisation that works directly with the European Commission's team responsible for their digital transformation.
Solutions & results
Since the launch of the project, AUSY has adopted an iterative approach to bring added value to its operations in a timely manner.
Our teams use agile methods Scrum and Kanban for the development of all software. To improve the use of European web pages, the NovaComm consortium set up a User eXperience (UX) laboratory with an advanced UX approach. 
The websites are organised in the following way: the main site contains various sub-domains which improve navigation and several secondary websites dedicated to territorial campaigns, events, etc. Currently, the most visited websites are search engines. AUSY has developed stronger search engines such as Apache Solr which integrates well with DRUPAL. Filters have also been created to obtain a more intelligent system. Furthermore, AUSY has begun developing interactive websites. Thanks to the DRUPAL technology, it is also possible to benefit from other advantages such as social media integration. 
DRUPAL allows for the creation of multilingual websites in 24 official languages for the mainstream market, which is indispensable for the European Commission. Moreover, certain web pages are even written in other languages because they are targeted at non-European web users (Arabs, Chinese, Russians, Hindis, etc.). 
To sum up, the use of DRUPAL technology enables websites to be more responsive and ergonomic, with better social media integration and more relevant content, thus helping the Commission achieve and even exceed their digital transformation goals.


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