Our approach

Over the years, AUSY has created a comprehensive and unique range of services and solutions in five specialised Business Lines.

Our offer covers all sectors of activity: aeronautics, space, defence, telecoms and media, transport, banking/insurance/finance, energy, health and institutions.


Modular and flexible services designed to meet all our customers’ needs

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AUSY offers its customers a wide range of bespoke services including support, advice, expertise, managing activities and turnkey solutions. AUSY offers a comprehensive range of subcontracting and outsourcing solutions (X shore) for which it manages the organisation and management.

To best respond to our customers’ specific problems, AUSY has developed a range of intervention models with differing levels of commitments:

  • on-site support and expertise;
  • skills pool;
  • activity packages;
  • on-demand services and managed services;
  • multi-site service centre;
  • managing a supplier panel;
  • project managing systems and products.


These commitments can be adapted and combined, and modified in line with changing needs and requirements over a long period.

A front/back office set-up provides proximity to customers regardless of where they are, while also offering optimisation opportunities (near shore or offshore).

Activities can be performed on the customer’s site, our premises or via a mix of both.


A global network of Centres

AUSY has created a global network of centres mainly in Europe but also in India and North America. As well as providing expertise, they drive innovation and continuous improvement.

This network is set up as a global Delivery Centre able to manage projects cost effectively and with the best available skills. Our centres are specialised by technical field and have the necessary resources and standardised methods to enable them to work effectively together.

Centres dedicated to our Business Lines

Expertise Delivery Centre (EDC): Centre specialising in a major business line, such as electronics, embedded software or Digital. Our EDCs are set up along industrial lines i.e. with dedicated project platforms, tools, methods and standardised processes. In the areas of Hardware Development, Energy and Mechanics, our EDCs also act as design offices using ad hoc equipment.

Centre of Expertise: Pool of high-level expertise for a given technology or specialism e.g. Big Data and User Experience. Our Centres of Expertise work with national and transnational experts and have been designed to have a broad intervention capacity and a high level of responsiveness. They support our projects and provide services directly to our customers.

Innovation Centre: Centre dedicated to innovation and able to intervene anywhere in the cycle i.e. from the ideation phase through to the industrialisation phase of a product or a service. The innovation Centre is structured along a multi-business line model. It can support small organisations such as start-ups, innovation departments in large groups and even large consortia with a range of initiatives e.g. Industry 4.0.


Quality Approach

The Quality Approach, which is fully integrated into AUSY’s Management System, attests to the Group's commitment to continuously improve its business model and provide the same quality of service across all its geographic locations and transnational projects. To do this, the following areas are taken into account in its Quality Management System (QMS):

  • customer satisfaction thanks to high-level expertise and responsive market offers;
  • ownership, diverse skills and employee satisfaction thanks to the AUSY corporate culture;
  • effective services in terms of performance commitments, and more specifically, controlling project management;
  • the efficiency of all processes: these integrate the requirements of the recognised model-standards (ISO 9001, EN9100, ISO27001, CMMI, CEFRI) and in terms of environmental aspects in which AUSY is evolving.

AUSY’s QMS means that the Group is able to guarantee the application of identical processes throughout a project whether it is managed in a regional entity or outside France regardless of the business line. This is a key aspect of the partnership strategy sought by major contractors especially in the fields of Aeronautics, Space and Defence but also Banking, Insurance, Telecommunications and Media. It makes it possible for AUSY to ensure and consolidate its inclusion on customers’ preferred supplier lists.

In the context of the EN9100 standard, AUSY annually maintains its certification in Toulouse, Paris and Hamburg for its embedded software development, mechanics and electronics and complex systems integration activities. This is also true for ISO 9001 certificate and the CEFRI certificate on Radiation Protection in the Field of Energy.

Find all our certifications here.


The AUSY ecosystem

In addition to its own resources, AUSY has built a robust ecosystem of sub-contractors, partners and strategic partners to help it support and grow its business.

This ecosystem also benefits from an industrialised and tooled Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) process to effectively address issues of quality, performance and supplier selection.


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