Run to agile operations

In all sectors for the past several years, progression in technology and the rise of the digital world have greatly impacted end users’ expectations. Businesses have been forced to transform their business models and increase their ability to innovate to support the production of increasingly effective services with ever-shorter lead times. Driven by stricter regulations and increased user awareness, data and application security has also become a central concern given the size of the stakes (financial penalties, a damaged brand image, etc.).

In this highly competitive environment where large companies’ innovation units mingle with made-to-innovate start-ups on a daily basis, existing organisations have become too stiff. Companies urgently need to smooth their value chain or they risk being left behind very fast. But this chain generally involves many teams, each with their own objectives, languages, and production cycles. Smoothing it is a complex project with many stakes that are often difficult for companies to fully grasp.

To make this change, many companies are turning to DevOps. For more than 15 years, AUSY has promoted agile technology, notably through its Run to Agile Operations offer. Today, AUSY is extending this concept to the entire software delivery chain to accompany clients in their transition to DevOps.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is more than a method; above all, it is a culture that seeks to transform the business’s organisation to allow development, operations, business teams, and other players to work together toward a shared objective: deliver high-quality, highly secure applications fast. DevOps brings a set of processes, practices, and tools that are key to reaching this objective.

More concretely, we often summarise the fundamentals of DevOps with the acronym “CALMS”:

  • Culture: develop a culture of shared responsibility and collaboration among teams;
  • Automation: automate tasks as much as possible and work toward continuous delivery;
  • Lean: rationalise operations and eliminate activities with low added value;
  • Measurement: implement metrics tools and technologies to measure the yield of a system, product, or process;
  • Sharing: align all the parties toward the same objectives.

Together, let’s define your DevOps project

DevOps is a solution that could apply in a wide variety of contexts. Among the companies looking to promote a DevOps culture, we can find companies that want to integrate a continuous integration platform for its application development projects as well as companies undergoing an overall agility-at-scale approach. It goes without saying that the advice needed is very different between these two types of projects.

That’s why AUSY recommends taking into account the client’s maturity when the project is defined rather than offering a “pre-packaged” DevOps solution. AUSY takes a progressive approach to implementation that works in stages and is co-built with the client:


  • Make an inventory of the current status: assess the client’s level of maturity and organisation in Agile/DevOps culture;
  • With the client, define the targeted objectives and trajectory;
  • Describe everything that can be standardised using technical and functional accreditations;
  • Optimise everything that can be to create value;
  • Accompany the client in their transformation with coaching, workshops, round tables, etc.;
  • Accelerate the transformation with a continual improvement approach.

Meanwhile, AUSY is always there to support these stages by creating a change management plan to accompany the various players in the company in adopting a DevOps culture and giving them the keys to greater self-sufficiency.

Our DevOps services

Switching to DevOps impacts the organisation on many levels: strategy, culture, tools, etc. To accompany its clients, AUSY offers an extensive range of services to intervene at all levels, whatever the client’s level of maturity or progress in its own transformation project:

  • Discover & Advise: define the transformation strategy and/or project with the client;
  • Create & build: design the solution’s features and technology (architecture, tools, process, etc.) with a view to continual delivery or integration;
  • Make & Run: make, release, and optimise the solution;
  • Change & Connect: provide change management and train the client’s teams to efficiently adopt the solution and quickly reach self-sufficiency.

Just like our approach to implementation, this service offer is based on a co-built continual improvement approach. This allows AUSY to adjust its value proposition as the client progresses and gains in maturity.

AUSY, the DevOps culture

AUSY’s DevOps offer is a strategic part of our IT infrastructure range that is at the heart of our strategic plan. The offer is supported by our culture and our conviction of the benefits that it brings to projects and organisation. AUSY’s investment in rolling out this philosophy in its own projects is not new, and our added value lies in large part in our community of experts and their significant experience feedback.

AUSY takes great care to share this know-how internally and has set up its own BarCamps to allow its experts to co-create a complete training course of DevOps, its benefits, best practices, etc. As a result of this investment, AUSY is now developing its own tools and processes (continuous integration platform, software factory, etc.), reflecting the continual development of our own skills and a constant monitoring of the changes in technology and methodology.


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