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A Cloud transformation – with concrete goals and focuses

The Cloud is a solution for a huge range of contexts. Companies adopting Cloud technology include those that want a more flexible infrastructure in terms of both performance and cost. There are currently two types of projects: the first is a study prior to a migration to the cloud, and the second is engaging in the transformation while limiting the costs. Clients’ needs in terms of support with these types of projects are very different as a result.

When adopting new Cloud technology, it’s essential to set out the objectives and feasibility of such a project – for example:


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Defining your Cloud project together (migration/FinOps)

The level of maturity is crucial – and that’s why from the project definition stage, rather than offering a pre-determined Cloud solution, AUSY takes an advisory approach to give the best possible support to our clients through an iterative process:

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The steps of the process:

  1. Assess the existing situation: assess the maturity level of the client, their application base and their infrastructure;
  2. Set up workshops with the client to define the target outcome, trajectory, necessary skills and desired goals;
  3. Confirm the solution’s target architecture;
  4. Choose the right migration strategy (Lift & shift, ReHost, Replatform, Refactoring);
  5. Establish the governance that will be put in place throughout the project;
  6. Seek to automate and optimise Cloud infrastructure costs.

At the same time, AUSY provides support in these stages by implementing a change management plan, not only to assist all of the company’s stakeholders in their adoption of the Cloud, but also to give them the keys to greater independence.

Before migrating workflows to the Cloud, it’s important to assess the workload and the associated resources (infrastructure, applications or databases). In an ideal migration, each resource would be compatible with a Cloud platform and ready for the migration. In reality, not everything needs to be migrated to the Cloud, and not all assets are compatible with Cloud platforms. That’s why studying the existing situation helps to identify the technical information that’s needed to define the goal (instances, databases, applications, configurations, use-cases). With Cloud migration tools, you can assess your own infrastructure, your applications and your data to transpose your current capacity to instances and estimate the cost of your Cloud.


Build, run, improve your Cloud

Moving to the Cloud affects an organisation on multiple levels: its strategy, its culture, its tools, etc. To provide the best possible support to its clients, AUSY offers a range of services to take action on all these aspects, regardless of the client’s level of maturity and the progress of the transformation project.

The steps of the process:

  1. Advise:
    • Define the requirements and the expected result;
    • Confirm the desired technical and structural outcome.
  2. Build & Run:
    • Functional design of the appropriate solution (architecture, tools, processes, etc.);
    • Technical implementation of the chosen solution (deployment, testing, etc.).
  3. Improve:
    • Optimise the costs linked to upgrading the technical platform;
    • Study the latest innovative solutions on the market.

Just like our implementation approach, this service proposal is based on a co-constructed continuous improvement process. This means AUSY can adapt its value proposition as the client’s project moves forward and as the client gains maturity.

Cloud services are billed according to their level of use. An increase in the consumption of a service automatically increases the amount of the corresponding invoice. You must therefore make sure that your choice meets both your performance objectives and your economic objectives. Smart cost analysis tools perform an assessment of the workload and the actual use of your resources in order to suggest the best solution from a financial viewpoint, such as for example a range of more appropriate instances.


Go to cloud

Go to cloud

The Cloud at Ausy

An essential component of our IT infrastructure services, at the heart of our strategic plan, AUSY’s Go To Cloud solution is driven by our knowledge of the field and by our belief in its contributed effective gains both for projects and for the organisation. AUSY’s commitment to rolling out this Cloud process in its own activities is not new, and our added value lies primarily in our community of experts and their vast experience.

Keen to share this knowledge within the company, AUSY set up its internal BarCamps to enable its experts to co-create a comprehensive training programme on the Cloud, what it can offer, best practices, and more. AUSY now develops its standard tools and processes (Continuous Integration Platform, a software factory, etc.), which are testament to the continuous development of our employees’ skills and constant monitoring of the latest technological and methodological developments.


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