AUSY’s referral terms and conditions 2021 edition - Valid until 24 May 2021

Article 1: Purpose

Referral is a principle of recruitment based on recommendations and limited to employees of Ausy SAS and its French subsidiaries (hereinafter “Ausy France”). Who better than you to talk about the company and encourage people to join the Ausy team ?

By recommending people from your network, you will make talent you trust, until now not identified, visible to our recruitment department. Talent reluctant to venture into the unknown but who, with the help of your feedback and support, will be able to make the leap more easily and integrate confidently into a new environment. This application acquisition phase replaces the conventional sourcing of human resources services but does not change in any way the recruitment path that your referee will have to follow and the bodies that will deal with it.

Each one of us can play a major part in Ausy’s development.


Article 2 : Eligibility conditions

1- Referrer conditions

The referrals programme is intended exclusively for Ausy France employees employed under a permanent employment contract (hereinafter “referrers”) who have in their contacts profiles suited to work in the company (hereinafter “referees”): managers, consultants and cross-functional activities, seeking a permanent employment contract (excluding apprenticeships).

The referrer must be an employee of the company throughout the referrals process of his/her referee to claim the payment of bonuses. 

Employees, whose job description provides for the recruitment of a certain category of staff, cannot participate in the referrals programme for the same type of profile. Managers are eligible up to the positions of Business Department Director or Delivery Director, if they are not referring without their own scope. In the event that a profile eligible for the referrals programme is recommended by several people, the referrer will be considered to be the first one to have sent the referral form.  

In addition, the referrer submitting the application of his/her referee for a job opportunity certifies that he/she has had authorisation from the referee to transmit all the personal data and allow Ausy to process it.


2 - Referee conditions

Referees should be proposed by referrers for their technical and behavioural skills.

The referee must not appear in the Ausy candidate database in the last 12 months.

3 - Grounds for ineligibility of the referral

The following are not eligible for the referrals programme:

  • Any person external to Ausy and who is not considered to be an “Ausy employee” within the meaning of Article 2-a.

  • Ausy employees whose contributions have been identified as improper and contrary to the ethics of this programme.

  • Applications containing false information, incorrect information and/or information that is not tolerated by Ausy (particularly in the free-text fields).

In the event of objection to the grounds for ineligibility to the referrals programme, please send your request by email to the following address:


Article 3 : Conditions of referral

To make a referral, simply fill in the referral form available on the page and send it using the “refer” button. This form is then sent directly to our HR department. You will then be notified by email at each step in your referee’s application.

It is specified that we expect the referrer to respond to the question “Why do you recommend this person?” in a professional context only and in particular with the technical and behavioural skills of his/her referee. 


Article 4 : Referral bonus

Making referrals can earn you up to €1,500 gross (approximately €1,170 net calculated according to the payroll costs included on the pay slip and before deduction at source), provided that the referral has been validated as compliant with the eligibility conditions. 

This bonus is broken down as follows: 

1/ €1,000 gross upon hiring of the referee under a permanent employment contract in the form of a bonus paid directly on the referrer’s pay slip and subject to payroll costs and withholding tax. The bonus will be paid within approximately one month of the accounting closing date. It is specified that the referee will be considered to be hired as soon as his/her employment contract takes effect. 

2/ €500 gross at the end of the referee’s validated trial period in the form of a bonus paid directly on the referrer’s pay slip and subject to payroll costs and withholding tax. The bonus will be paid within approximately one month of the accounting closing date.le.      


Article 5 : Personal data

The information gathered is collected and processed by Ausy’s Human Resources Department in order to process the application as part of a referral.

The legal basis for data processing is the consent of the applicants and the employee participating in the referral.

The employee submitting another person’s application for the job opportunity certifies that they have had authorisation from this person to submit all their personal data and allow Ausy to process it. 

The data collected will be communicated to the authorised recipients and is not transferred to third parties, with the exception of Randstad France Group.

Regarding the referral process, the data of the applicant proposed by an Ausy employee will be retained for two years on the basis of the legitimate interest or with the consent of the applicant to Ausy for a period of four years to offer him/her opportunities in line with his/her expectations.

With regard to the employee’s data, they will be kept for the duration of his/her employment contract and for the legal periods.

After this time, the applicant will receive an email informing him/her that he/she can renew his/her consent and otherwise that the data will be deleted.

In accordance with the amended French Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978 and the European Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (GDPR), the participant has a right of access, and a right to erasure, rectification and data portability, a right to object and a right to restriction of processing on legitimate grounds in relation to all data concerning him/her exercised at the following address: accompanied by a copy of an identity document. For further information about the processing of personal data by Ausy, you can consult the personal data policy on the Ausy website on our dedicated page, as well as the referral programme rules.


Article 6 : Miscellaneous provisions

This referrals programme takes effect from 24/05/2021. The Ausy Group reserves the right to modify the programme and its terms at any time. Any act of referral validated before this date remains subject to the previous general terms and conditions of use.

If you have any questions, please refer to the Website Terms and Conditions of Use.