historique AUSY

1989 - 2013: a path guided by performance

1989: founding of the AUSY Group by Jean-Marie MAGNET, the current Chairman.

1999: listed on the stock exchange on April 30, 1999.
First expansion abroad with the creation of AUSY Benelux, based in Brussels.

2006: AUSY is accredited “Innovative Company” by OSEO Innovation.
AUSY acquires a presence in Romania with the creation of Pentalog Technology in December, a joint venture whose share capital is evenly split between AUSY and Pentalog High Tech. This firm bolsters AUSY’s Nearshore offer in Romania.

2007: launch of the CAP 2009 expansion plan. First external growth operation as part of the CAP 2009 strategy with the acquisition, in July, of Aequalis a consulting and IT engineering firm.

2008: creation of the subsidiary EXALEN Technologies, a company specialising in mechanics.

2009: CAP 2009 Plan finalised with five external growth transactions: AXYLOG, ESL, EMI (France), Erudiel and Data Flow Consultancy (Belgium).

2010: launch of the AVENIR plan, whose first goal is to reach a turnover of €300m and 4,000 employees in 2012.

2011: first phase of the AVENIR plan with three major external growth transactions:
- the acquisition of APTUS and APX – AS in France
- the acquisition of 51% of the German group, ELAN, with which
AUSY had rolled out solutions for the aeronautics industry for several years as part of an ELAN AUSY joint venture.
Creation of a joint venture with Atkins that is dedicated to the Airbus Group
Establishment of AUSY in Spain
Creation of the UK subsidiary

2012: acquisition of the Swedish company Mobytech, and Goodwill acquisition of a Belgian company specialising in Drupal open source technologies.
Creation of the subsidiary AUSY India.
Launch of the EARTH sustainable development plan
Completion of stage 1 of the AVENIR plan
Launch of the AVENIR plan for initial attainment of revenues of €300 million in 2012 and 4,000 employees.

2013: acquisition of the remaining 49% share capital of German group ELAN.
Stage 1 of the AVENIR Plan successful: the Group reached a turnover of €300m turnover with a workforce of 4,000.
Launch of the plan AVENIR stage 2, 2012-2015, whose main objective is doubling international activity
Acquisition of a 35% stake in German company Pentasys, specialising in IT.

2014: establishment of AUSY in the United States with the creation of the subsidiary AUSY North America.
AUSY and Lacroix Electronics strengthen their partnership with the creation of a joint venture.
Acquisition of the company CrossCheck in Belgium.
Acquisition of Vision IT, a subsidiary of the the German company Vision IT Group.

2015: strategic acquisition of Celerity in the United States. Celerity is specialised in the management of information systems and the digital transformation. The acquisition strengthens AUSY's position on the United States' eastern seaboard.
Acquisition of 100% of the capital of the Romanian subsidiary, renamed AUSY Technologies Romania.
Successful issue of Bonds with option for reimbursement in cash and/or new and/or existing shares (ORNANE) maturing on January 1, 2021, for a nominal amount of €30 million.
Success of the AVENIR 2015 plan.