Technical news

Image en-tête Python et sa lenteur légendaire, comment y remédier ?
10 October 2019
Python is a slow language. That is a fact. But it remains very widely used for large-scale projects. Let’s look at why...
test de performance
3 October 2019
Let’s take a tour of the various performance tests that exist...
realite virtuelle banner
26 September 2019
At AUSY’s innovation hub, several projects are chosen each year to be developed by the Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality team.
26 June 2019
When I go back a few years and ask myself. Which development environments was I using? What were the problems? How did I cope when a client told me its application ran on PHP 4 when I had PHP 5.6 on my PC? I realize what difficulties we had. It was impossible to work with different configurations on the same workstation without using virtual machines.
14 June 2019
Industry 4.0, the factory of the future, smart factory: broad terms for a hazy reality. What’s it really about ?
Maintenance Prédictive
13 June 2019
Predictive maintenance: a technological breakthrough owing its advent to the development of the data technologies now associated with machine learning…