Let our passion for tech inspire you ausy
Let our passion for tech inspire you ausy

As we live in the contemporary era, we realize day-by-day the importance of time and computer resources in all fields of activity, especially in the software development sector. The most targeted area so far has been the Automotive domain, considering that Original Equipment Manufacturers, recognized as OEMs, plan to add more functions to the platforms that already exist and also to the new ones.

What does that mean ? More added functions imply that the developed software’s complexity continues to expand, and a big amount of variants can be supplied for the same automotive platform through the same or separate electronic control unit.

The use of a mature and accepted software reference architecture has an essential role in software development, for it can bring many benefits, like providing higher quality and productivity for conceiving software architectures for applications.

When developing either software or hardware modules for the Automotive Industry, developers encountered major issues regarding the reusability, especially due to limited modularity or incompatibility between the embedded systems and hardware abstraction.

That’s why the AUTOSAR development method was born – a new concept in the automotive programming paradigm, a significant stage in the development of modern automotive technology.

ausy tech experts.

As we previously mentioned, the main motivation behind this breakthrough was the increasing complexity of modern vehicles and especially their E/E systems.

More and more organizations across the globe have understood that such a standard is needed and, in fact, mandatory in the current technical and financial contexts, for better results in developing and maintaining their software applications. Therefore, considering that AUTOSAR is a growing and evolving standard, we launched a campaign called AUSY Tech Experts, whose goal is to promote our tech expertise, our colleagues’ experience and our forever-expanding knowledge in the IT & Engineering field.

Within AUSY Technologies Romania we are proud of the excellence of our engineers and we thought that another essential objective of the campaign is to motivate people to exceed their limits through leading by example.


setting up the right path to follow is also important, and thus we’re introducing you to an insightful interview with our Software Development Engineer, Radu Ramoiu, who will share insights into AUTOSAR and his internal training.

could you say a few words about the internal training(s) you have coordinated so far at AUSY Technologies Romania ?

I have joined AUSY Technologies Romania in February this year. Since then, I have coordinated two training sessions concerning automotive AUTOSAR on a basic and medium level, depending greatly on the project needs.

how many colleagues were involved in the AUTOSAR training ?

First training was held for 8 colleagues from the automotive department that took part in a one day training session introducing them to the famous AUTOSAR world.

The second one was held for 13 colleagues . There, the training was split among 3 days with 3 hours each session and it was a challenging case due the particular interest of the project concerning AUTOSAR.

what determined you to take on the challenge to share knowledge through an internal training ?

Over my 8 year career in the Automotive Industry, I’ve held several training sessions on many topics for my fellow colleagues and it brings me an unique joy and pleasure in being able to share the knowledge with so many fascinating people. Even at AUSY, through the internal training program I was able to continue my passion of sharing and helping other experts in this vast field of Automotive, especially AUTOSAR.

what did you learn from organizing and delivering the training ?

By organizing and delivering a training you allow yourself to enrich the depth of your knowledge and your communication skills, as well as your presentation skills, which represent one of the key factors of success. We need to be able to express ourselves in a clearer and technical form for our ideas and solutions to be understood, accepted and properly delivered to our colleagues in an efficient way. This is valid for any training, but as well in our day-to-day lives at the office.

why do you think a technical expert should share knowledge within the organization ?

No matter the technology or architecture used in one project, there will always be a need for research and study for understanding the concepts behind. However, the knowledge can already be found among the experts in an organization in one form or another, so it is our responsibility to help others grow faster and stronger in this area by sharing our knowledge and past experiences. Even as a technical expert, the thirst and need for further research and study will never end, as technology will never stop growing and adapting either.

were there things you also learnt from the trainees ?

I have learned a lot by organizing the training, but as well from the trainees. Their feedback is the most valuable part for us, because without it, we might miss important aspects in our presentation skills, which we are too “blind” to notice. And by doing so, we are able to improve even further.

The main lesson he taught us is how to motivate more colleagues to pursue their goals and help others through their technical expertise. Do Radu Ramoiu’s story and ideas inspire you to work on your projects any differently ?