Once again this year, Ausy's Testing teams will be present at the 15th edition of the French Software Testing Day (JFTL), a major annual event in France in the world of testing.

conference "Is the Speedrunner a tester who doesn't know himself?

The discussion will be led by two of our Ausy experts: Mickaël De Vlechouver, Digital Testing Practice Expert, and Clément Stephant, Digital Testing Practice Expert.

who is the speedrunner?

Coming from the world of gaming, the speedrunner is a geek whose objective is to identify the flaws in a game in order to finish it as quickly as possible. 

In a context where testing jobs are evolving, to what extent can the speedrun philosophy influence the role of tomorrow's tester?

Through Leo's presentation of his everyday life as a tester and speedrunner, our experts will highlight the similarities and oppositions between this gaming activity and the tester's daily tasks. How could we be more efficient in our daily life as a tester?


testing by ausy: augmented consultants, personalized solutions to discover on our booth.

Our specialized test coaches as well as our experts in tools, automation and AI will be at your disposal to discuss your operational needs, share their feedback and present you our know-how such as:

  • the implementation of an automation strategy 
  • modeling for automated tests
  • Continuous testing: integration of the automated and manual test repository in the CI/CD
  • Agility and scaled Agility testing
  • Performance testing
  • Multi-device testing
  • Testing and AI
  • Data set management
  • our coaching tools with : 
  • our test maturity assessment workshops, test strategy, test phases and our test maturity questionnaire
  • our solution to help our collaborators and their customers grow => the incubator
  • our service centers