agile consulting ausy
agile consulting ausy

Launched in 2020, the AUSY Group's new strategic plan, Renaissance 2023, will continue in 2021 and puts people at the heart of its priorities.  More than ever, it is our responsibility to guide our employees and customers towards a more responsible world that promotes technology at the service of the major economic, ecological and societal challenges we are facing.

As a result, Ausy France has an ambitious CSR policy. 

Ausy has been a member of the Global Compact since 2012 and is committed to respecting its 10 Principles relating to: 

  • human rights
  • international labor standards
  • the environment 
  • the fight against corruption. 

To this end, Ausy publishes an annual CSR report listing all of our measures and actions taken as part of our CSR policy. 

Ausy's social responsibility is supported by a fruitful social dialogue, respect for diversity of opportunity and optimization of our working conditions based on quality of life at work (QWL). 

Ausy's environmental responsibility leads us to raise our employees' awareness on the subject and to take strong action to optimize the sustainable use of resources. 

Finally, our social responsibility is established with our stakeholders and partners through solidarity actions, responsible purchasing and respect for ethical rules and human rights.