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the economic recovery boosts engineers' confidence.

  • One in two students (47%) prefers an engineering school for training and less than one in three (31%) is considering a university career
  • 8 out of 10 students (76%) plan to follow, or are already following, a second technical or generalist course
  • 98% of employed engineers consider it is important to acquire new skills
  • 82% of students at work or in work-study programs would like to join the company that trains them
  • Global warming and cybersecurity are on top of the list of challenges that engineers want to address

For the third year in a row, the Ausy group and Infopro have surveyed engineering students, recently graduated and current engineers about the future of their profession, their expectations and their aspirations. Although confident about their employability, respondents recognise the importance of having both a technical and generalist education (marketing, business, etc.).

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Although the engineers managed to get through the health crisis without too much difficulty thanks to their ability to adapt, they learned from it. In particular, they realized that the regular acquisition of new skills is essential in order to be able to deal with an environment that is constantly changing. Companies must support them in this regard. The HR processes that we have set up for 3 years now within the AUSY group allow us to offer our employees individualized follow-up and tailor-made training courses. Hard skills, soft skills, …, our talents are trained according to their needs and can count on personalized support to assist them in their development within the group.

Jérôme Gontard
CEO of Ausy

Engineers driven by their love of science… as well as by the advantages linked to their degree.

While for current engineers, a passion for science was the main source of motivation (59%) which led them to choose this profession, for students and recent graduates the expected level of remuneration (41%), the responsibilities associated with the job (39%) and the desirability of an engineering degree in the job market (36%) further galvanize them.

Is the new generation of engineers more pragmatic ? The health and economic crisis passed and has undoubtedly left its mark on people.

Including current engineers of whom 28% say that their position does not correspond to the idea they had of it. There seems to be a gap between the very technical vision of the engineering profession and the reality in the field, which requires more transversal skills. 

Moreover, 31% of current engineers are considering changing jobs, even if very few are thinking of taking the leap in the short term.

what motivation lead you to turn to the engineer's profession?
what motivation lead you to turn to the engineer's profession?

Training: a guarantee of success for engineers.

The paths to becoming an engineer have diversified. Nearly half of students prefer engineering schools (47%) which they enter directly upon completion of their secondary education (39%) or after a preparatory class (53%). University education attracts only one in three students (31%).

Dual training is becoming widespread among the new generations: 8 out of 10 students and recent graduates (76%) intend to complete their initial training.

The vast majority of engineers, whether in employment or still at school, are aware that the regular acquisition of new skills is essential to enable them to cope with the changes linked to new applications and new technologies.

in which area do you think its necessary to get trained priority?
in which area do you think its necessary to get trained priority?

Highly valued by companies, this second training can be both transversal (management, marketing, business, etc.) and vertical, more specific in a particular technical field. This concerns training in data/AI, cybersecurity or digital transformation, but also training in new working methods (project management, management, agility & DevOps). 

What about internship or work-study training? It is preferred by 72% of students and recent graduates and is a real springboard to their first job. More than 8 out of 10 students (82%) plan to join that company.

The health crisis has also reshuffled the deck in terms of the preferred sectors of activity for students and recent graduates. Last year, driven by the explosion of online sales and associated technologies, the digital trade sector had been preferred. In 2022, it is the aeronautics, aerospace and automotive sectors which are the focus of interest, as hiring prospects in these sectors are on the rise.

what sector of activity do you plan to work in ?
what sector of activity do you plan to work in ?

Engineers driven by the quest for a balance between personal and professional life.

The engineers used the crisis as an opportunity to review their aspirations and expectations. Work-life balance has become the criteria to which they attach the most importance. 

More than one in two engineers (55%) would therefore refuse a position if the company they are applying for does not offer the option to work remotely.

Engineers also appreciate benefiting from autonomy in the tasks assigned to them, tasks that must be meaningful to fully satisfy them.

On the other hand, disagreement with their hierarchy (57%), unstimulating projects (56%) or poor relations with their team (47%) would push engineers to leave their current position.

what are the criteria you value most ?
what are the criteria you value most ?

The engineering profession: an opportunity to meet societal challenges.

Climate change and cybersecurity clearly remain the priority issues for all respondents. 

But while new energy sources are also an important concern for current engineers; students and recent graduates are interested in threats related to health. This particular interest may reflect the concern of a generation still marked by the experience of the pandemic.

the 3 biggest challenges that engineers will face ?
the 3 biggest challenges that engineers will face ?


  • The “Engineer Employer Brand” survey was conducted by Infopro Digital and Ausy with a representative sample of 664 engineers. Among them, 95 students at the beginning or middle of their studies, 57 students at the end of their studies, 50 recent graduates not yet employed, 462 current engineers
  • The survey was self-administered online.
  • The fieldwork was conducted from February 7, 2022 to March 25, 2022


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