Innovation Evening Event in Toulouse

24 October 2017
Innovation center
On November 16, AUSY Toulouse will host an evening dedicated to innovation, with the theme of “Innovation in all its forms”.

This event will present the challenges, actors and mechanisms of innovation in the Toulouse region.

The evening will consist of two parts. The first part will be dedicated to mini-conferences on four important themes: Smart Manufacturing, Autonomous Systems, Powering IoT and Smart Farming. The second part of the evening will be open for brainstorming, presentation of prototypes and networking.

We have the pleasure of welcoming:

  • Christophe Aube (Agreenculture): He will discuss his project Centéol, which is a groundbreaking Smart Farming operation.

Smart Farming: application of modern technologies to agriculture in order to improve agricultural plot management and to provide decision-support tools to farmers. Principles behind Smart Farming will lead to what one could call a third green revolution.

  • Thibaut Cantegrel (Sierra Wireless): He will present “Powering IoT” by addressing the core businesses of his company and, more specifically, the technological platforms for IoT ecosystem needs.

Powering IoT: design of energy supply solutions adapted to IoT systems.

  • Yannick Fourastier (Bombardier): He will discuss Smart Manufacturing by addressing its challenges and he will focus on cybersecurity.

Smart Manufacturing: “Smart Manufacturing is a technological approach which uses machine-tools connected to the Internet to monitor production processes. It aims to identify opportunities for automatising operations and to use data analysis to improve manufacturing performance.”

  • Christophe Crapez (Renault): He will present the theme of Autonomous Systems by speaking with us about autonomous and connected systems.

Autonomous Systems: Set of IP computing networks under the control of the same entity or organisation. This group’s internal routing policy (routes to prioritise, advertisement filtering) is consistent.

This evening will also be an opportunity for you to get to know our Group and the projects we develop.

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