AUSY's Mission Handicap at the Movies

1 December 2017
YSUA vidéo
AUSY becomes YSUA: And if the roles were reversed?

When AUSY’s Mission Handicap makes a movie, the result is an innovative and quirky webseries on the theme of disability in the workplace that takes place in the digital services sector.

The story begins at YSUA, an international digital services company. Eve, an HR manager, meets Anna, a candidate and highly skilled Java JEE consultant. Eve must then convince Natan, a YSUA manager, to present Anna to his best client, TASE, represented by Mr Laval. There’s only one small problem: TASE only hires people with disabilities, and Anna does not have any!

With its humorous and ironic tone, the objective of this webseries is to play on prejudices in order to better deconstruct them and break them apart. The element of surprise is guaranteed.

Watch the three episodes of the YSUA trilogy here (available only in French):

Episode 1 

Episode 2

Episode 3