8 July 2020
The outbreak of the pandemic left many decision-makers utterly stunned. In early March, Régis Chaperon posted a series of articles on LinkedIn that helped them understand how to make the shift from shock to action. The response was so positive that he decided to share his thoughts more fully in a book.
ausy_management à distance
1 July 2020
The ongoing global pandemic has presented a new challenge for organisations: remote management, coupled with the huge shift towards teleworking! Régis Chaperon, consultant for AUSY and expert in risk management and business organisation, shares his experience, observations and recommendations regarding this new model imposed on businesses due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
19 May 2020
Many people are now working from home, turning managerial practices upside down. How can you stay connected to your team? How can employees’ commitment be fostered from a distance? What if the lockdown was an opportunity to step back and test new management methods? To help you, here’s our selection of free MOOCs and TED talks on management.
4 May 2020
Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is hard enough under normal circumstances, let along while in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. How is lockdown affecting the fine line between our work and personal lives, and what can we do to cope with the situation? Three employees share their experience of lockdown.
28 April 2020
In light of the Covid-19 epidemic and the lockdown measured introduced by the government on March 17, some of us have more free time on our hands, (short-time working, weekends, evenings, etc.). Why not use this time as an opportunity to develop your knowledge or learn new skills? Below is a non-exhaustive list of some of the best online courses available.
22 April 2020
While more and more companies are getting into telecommuting, this method - so abruptly imposed by the covid-19 lockdown - is a complete novelty for some of them. The current background is forcing us to organize work differently, which also means new ways of managing people. So how do you manage your people remotely ?