Ausy designs a centralized quality control tool for fiber deployment.

  • Domain of expertise :┬áDigital solutions development, network equipment configuration and control software
  • Sector of activity : Telecoms & Media


In recent years, as part of the French broadband plan (PFTHD), operators have been tasked with deploying the fiber network throughout France: in AMII zones (Call for Expressions of Intent to Invest) on their own investments and in RIP zones (Public Initiative Networks), enabling the departments to benefit from their expertise in FFTH (Fiber to the Home) and FFTE (Fiber To The Enterprise).

To do this, they call on numerous subcontractors in the field in STOC mode (subcontracted commercial operator). The diversity of the parties involved and the mass deployment imposed by the government's schedule cause many problems with quality of service.

Ausy has therefore set up an application ecosystem enabling one of these operators to cross-check and analyze all deployment data to ensure that it maintains its regulatory commitments and to take action in this regard.

connected dots between building, connectivity
connected dots between building, connectivity


Initially, an agile Scrum team with functional expertise in the development of network equipment configuration and management tools was set up to reinforce the client team.

Given the stakes and the scope of the project, which is part of a vast program involving 26 applications and 200 people, the SAFe agile method and a FIBRE train were put in place.

The Product Owner's vision allows us to identify business needs, write user stories, present them to the teams, share them at the train level and set up the various sprints to fit into the cars.

After the first 18 months, in order to ensure the sustainability of this project, ausy operates a transformation into a Service Center with the implementation of Work Units.

This change is part of a continuous improvement process that should lead to a fully industrialized and efficient organization.

Solutions & results

The application developed processes the data inherent in the operations carried out in the field, as well as the design, technical and contractual documentation stored in various databases.

It allows all this information to be cross-referenced and key performance indicators to be returned in near-real time in the form of reporting tables and graphs for use by quality managers. They can thus check the consistency, completeness and quality of the data and take corrective action to meet service quality commitments.

The backend is developed in PHP technologies (Zend and Symfony) and the display of web pages (front-end GUI) is done via Vue.js. For data collection, the application uses CFT (Cross File Transfer), REST API (Application Programming Interface) and an Elasticsearch query engine to store data in a MariaDB database.