Use of Drupal to improve a platform dedicated to insured persons and future customers.

  • Domain of expertise : Digital et technologies de l'information, Drupal
  • Sector of activity : Insurance, mutual and provident funds


AUSY’s focus was to lead the end-to-end project for creating an all digital customer experience – a major first in the insurance sector. The project enlisted key skills in service design, UX/UI, software architecture and Drupal development.


Specialising in individual borrower insurance and more specifically mortgage underwriting, our client’s initial requirement was to have a paperless solution for completing its health questionnaire. AUSY worked with the client to co-build a website overhaul solution. The challenge was to build a customisable, user-friendly, all-digital sales space in Drupal 8. The project aim was to switch the client from an artisanal to an industrial level, moving from a product process logic to a customer process logic, in order to remain competitive with regard to brokers and insurance comparison sites. There were multiple issues at stake, including remote customer relationships (the project was based in Lyon and the customer in Orléans), a complex migration from a PHP portal to a Drupal portal and the entire project scope being results-based.

two men at an office with a computer
two men at an office with a computer

Solutions & results

Developed in Drupal 8, the project was led by a three-pronged organisational approach involving our Orléans branch, our Drupal centre of expertise in Lyon and our Management team in Sèvres. The AUSY teams were entrusted with the architecture and technical design of a dedicated platform for policyholders and prospective customers. This platform allows users to obtain a personalised quote and even to sign contracts electronically thanks to an integrated Cryptology solution. If users have any questions, they can contact a customer advisor directly from the website. In addition, thanks to the functional design and the involvement of AUSY's own UX-UI team, our client now has a new, user-friendly interface. It took several months to create the interface and define the customer experience using iterative developments to achieve optimum results. A key factor in the success of this project was AUSY's clear insight into individual stakeholder requirements and the specific context of the insurance sector. This is well illustrated by the improvements made to the quote system. Generally speaking, the price of an insurance quote varies according to the policyholder's health. The system was therefore required to make the correlation between the health questionnaire responses and the quote prices. To aid the automation process, over 3,000 medical conditions were configured on the new extranet site. This makes it possible to give personalised quotes in the majority of cases and to automate the process of requesting and collecting supporting documents. For the small minority of cases where the opinion of a health practitioner is still required, AUSY developed a medical team account to automatically assign case files to medical staff. They simply enter the required information directly onto the platform. Whereas part of the project is dedicated to policyholders, AUSY also developed a specific portal for brokers. The aim was to give brokers access to the site in order to provide their own customer pricing. To fulfil this requirement, AUSY developed a white-label interface meaning that the logo, buttons, icons, colour gradient, page footer and contact form section can be customised for each broker.

As well as managing the front office for several parties (policyholders, medical practitioners and brokers), the AUSY developer teams also upgraded the back office, which includes the admin and set-up folders, including the white-label settings. In addition, the publishing system has been completely revised in line with cost reductions and the elimination of intermediary printing services. For example, the brochure design process is now entirely digital and brochures can be self-edited using data presets. This project is a perfect illustration of how AUSY successfully added "Digital Transformation" to its value proposition for the insurance sector. It cements AUSY’s broad skills set in consulting and innovation, service design, UX/UI, software architecture and Drupal development, as well as its ability to gain a clear insight into its customers' processes and requirements.