Interface for brokers: insurance forms.

  • Domain of expertise : Digital solutions development, Drupal 8, MySQL, UNIVERSIGN, REST web services
  • Sector of activity : Insurance, mutual and provident funds


The client is one of the major players in the insurance world in France, specialising in individual and professional pension products and life insurance. It proposes a “borrower guarantee” offer which is very competitive and requires a specific subscription process, i.e. the obligation to fill out a health questionnaire approved by a medical professional. The product is good and efficient but the sales process is obsolete and requires a lot of back and forth between the underwriter, the broker and the company. The client wanted to give itself the means to promote and further develop its offer by putting in place a smoother and faster subscription process. In addition, it also wanted to remain competitive with regard to professional brokers and comparison sites.


First, business workshops were launched to understand the needs and define the target processes. In particular, the focus was on the nodal point of the process, i.e. the health questionnaire and securing highly confidential and legally protected health data.

Secondly, the AUSY and client teams worked together to design the overall architecture required to integrate all the products. The clients wanted the option of having an easily adaptable and customisable functional base that could be deployed in different target environments, both from a systems point of view and to align the “look & feel” with different graphics charters. Ultimately, the solution gives client teams full autonomy with respect to content management and deployment for all partners. In terms of the technical base and securing the solution, AUSY continues to support the customer by providing maintenance for a period of at least two years following commissioning.

illustration push a button
illustration push a button

Solutions & results

AUSY offers a comprehensive sales platform that allows digital management of the entire policyholder cycle: product consultation, pricing management, quotes, contractualisation and signature. The platform is based on the DRUPAL 8 CMS/CMF with a MySQL database. In addition, the use of the Drupal RWD module made it possible to offer easy theme features to personalise intranet sites, as well as developing fully responsive, multi-browser and multi-device sites. The DRUPAL 8 platform interfaces with REST web services to interact with the client’s IS in an efficient and secure manner. A functionality for the online completion of the health questionnaire was developed with the option for agents to reconfigure the form. The contractual documents are generated dynamically via an administrable module; AUSY also integrated the UNIVERSIGN electronic signature solution, which allows end-to-end digital and paperless management. Finally, the emphasis was put on the security and confidentiality of health data, which is processed in a dedicated and isolated EDM.