Digitization of policy subscription paths.

  • Domain of expertise : digital solutions development, Java 8, React JS, Angular, Jenkins, GitHub, MongoDB
  • Sector of activity : Insurance, mutual and provident funds


The client is one of the major players in the insurance world in France and offers a range of coverage options for cars, property and assets, as well as savings and life insurance products.

The main objective of this actor was to secure new customers, through an online presentation of its offers, which would also involve the complete digitalisation of the policy subscription process. For this, it mainly relies on a Digital Factory in France, which is dedicated to the implementation of full digital applications. In this context, its life insurance offer had to be modernised as quickly as possible with expanded online access and a digital subscription process. This is one of the client’s TOP five priorities for 2020-2021. Also the deadline for this major development was very short and was initially set at six months.

woman and man at the office with a mask
woman and man at the office with a mask


The outbreak of the health crisis and the subsequent lockdown at the launch of the project had a major impact on the planned integration of the client team. The adoption of the business rules and team integration had to be carried out remotely.

AUSY very quickly set up an agile “remote” development squad. The team was based throughout France and thanks to adapted tools and management approaches, project cohesion and dynamics were ensured. The needs, with framed developments to test and validate each management rule, were defined through successive iterations. This approach required special support, such as coaching, to get the teams used to more agility and to facilitate the overall progress of the project. At the same time, substantial work was carried out to identify and understand all the APIs in the various functional areas concerned. Together, we adopted a position of transparency and maximum collaboration, i.e. at each stage a joint review was carried out focusing on the results. In brief, it was a win-win operating model that allowed the project to be completed -- despite COVID-19 -- successfully at all levels!

Solutions & results

The digitalisation solution uses classic Web architecture with a front end/back end division. In terms of development, the solution relies on Java 8, React JS, Angular, Jenkins, GitHub and MongoDB in order to guarantee good functioning and nominal application performance while also offering a good level of security and the ability to work through successive iterations. The solution was integrated into the customer’s IS using SOAP services.

One of the main difficulties for the back end was controlling the APIs, so AUSY implemented a specific tool to test API calls and secure the integration process. For the front end, a technical migration was carried out during the project to synchronise the solution in line with the development of the client’s standards. In addition to the technical and functional solution, it was the organisational and human solutions that ensured the success of the project: the capacity to outsource projects in agile mode coupled with a successful and exemplary adaptation to the context and the constraints of the health crisis, all of which resulted in a beneficial transformation of the work philosophy and the management chain.