Website factory for new insurance products.

  • Domain of expertise : Digital solutions development, Drupal 8
  • Sector of activity : Insurance, mutual and provident funds


When it comes to cereal-production products, customers rely on a network of specialised brokers who work in agencies (ourdv telephone) or who, more often than not, visit farmers directly. However, this approach works poorly and brokers often complain about the tools made available to them by the insurer, while, on the other hand, the insurer struggles to create a stable and dynamic network of brokers. Another key issue is how to overhaul the policy subscription tools in order to be able to quickly offer new ergonomic and efficient solutions at insurance brokerage trade fairs. This would make it easier to secure new brokers, as well as retaining existing partners.


Firstly, AUSY helped the client teams reformulate and redesign the policy subscription process by taking a user-centred vision that focused on ease of use and seamless digital continuity between the different tasks. It was then necessary to design and specify functionalities adapted to the client’s processes and then implement the corresponding modules. The basic solution, i.e. the core application, was quickly put in place and adapted, through successive iterations, to the specific business lines and use cases of the client’s brokers. The entire process was carried out using an agile Scrum framework. Ausy provided the required methodological support to the client teams to facilitate interactions and ensure the smooth progress of the project. But the story did not end there; it was also necessary for the client teams to take ownership of the solution and become autonomous. Therefore, AUSY trained all of the client’s key stakeholders, gave technical training on DRUPAL 8, and provided monitoring support for the creation of sites. Today, the solution works perfectly and the client teams can control and operate it efficiently to ensure future developments.

two women with a laptop
two women with a laptop

Solutions & results

AUSY offers a platform enabling the complete digitalisation of the policy subscription process, including a demonstration of the products, the quote phase and signing the contract. The solution is based on DRUPAL 8 CMS/CMF paired with a MariaDB database in a website factory architecture. It uses a shared base that facilitates the creation of new sites by reducing costs (build, run) and implementation times. This base also makes it possible to easily share and process content while remaining scalable and sustainable. All the components are ported to Docker, which allows the solution to be used in any environment in a completely transparent way. This solution has already made it possible to deploy two broker sites (AXEREAL and PARA) in under three months.