Development and integration of the future automotive architecture and connected services.

  • Domain of expertise : Connectivity, Vehicle-to-X, ECU, AUTOSAR, AUTOSAR Adaptive
  • Sector of activity : Automotive


Focus on our implication on several innovative and highly strategic programs for automotive sector, about the connected car and electronic architecture of tomorrow’s automotive vehicles.


Most of current vehicles are already offering numerous multimedia services (navigation, Bluetooth, social networks connection…). Some of manufacturers’ current main goals are to optimize both the connected technologies of the cabin and the connection of the vehicle with its external environment (other cars, smart cities, smartphones…). The aim is to enable the car to collect and analyse external information in order to offer an additional decision support.

With the development of autonomous driving, ECU (Electronic Control Unit) performance is at the heart of the concerns. Manufacturers are looking ahead on an optimized global architecture based on a central supercomputer and a reduced amount of embedded ECU communicating together through Ethernet bus, which are much more powerful than the current CAN. This kind of architecture presents several advantages. It could enable to reduce the weight of electric cables, reduce significantly maintenance and repair costs, and enable distance update of vehicle systems as well.

schema car connectivity and innovation
schema car connectivity and innovation

Solutions & results

AUSY carries out the whole integration line of connectivity services by guaranteeing reactivity and quality of deliverables through a multi-site and fixed-price organization. To that end, AUSY teams have implemented, inter alia, on-board and off-board test scenarios, carry out bench testing, IVC Tier One performance testing, and especially, develop a continuous integration platform / DevOps. Those activities require to mastering the Cloud environment (AWS Cloud, Microsoft AZURE) and CAN protocols, Ethernet, Bluetooth Low Energy and MQTT.

About the Vehicle-to-X issues (communication and data exchanges between vehicles and objects), the task of AUSY is to develop the middleware layer dedicated to the external communication in order to collect data from elements located in the environment close to the vehicle.

Finally, AUSY is involved in the R&D phase on the C++ development under real time OS environment (Linux / Android), tests and integration of « Body Functions » application services of the new electronic architecture of future vehicle.

On each of those projects, AUSY puts in place a Front / Back Office scalable organization involving many sites in France and AUSY Technologies Romania in Sibiu. The strength of AUSY’s support lies on its capacity to carries out a multi-sites and transnational project.

Its strong expertise in embedded software development, its AUTOSAR architecture mastery, its adaptability while facing new issues, with, inter alia, its innovation internal abilities, without forgetting its nearshore capacities, enable AUSY to be identified as a reliable partner on highly strategic issues projects among the biggest European manufacturers.