the most inspirational management moocs. Ausy
the most inspirational management moocs. Ausy

Many people are now working from home, turning managerial practices upside down. How can you stay connected to your team? How can employees’ commitment be fostered from a distance? What if the lockdown was an opportunity to step back and test new management methods? To help you, here’s our selection of free MOOCs and TED talks on management.

management: working on your attitude as a manager

Managing from a distance

The lockdown has drastically changed some working methods. Managers must learn how to manage remotely and have the right attitude. This ESCP Business School course will help you implement your skills to boost your performance and use relevant analytical grids to communicate, report and cooperate from a distance.

From manager to leader: becoming agile and collaborative

This CNAM course covers management basics, methods to become agile and the use of design thinking. It is intended for all managers aiming for a successful digital transition. 

Becoming a considerate manager

In 2020, being a good manager means being kind to employees. How can you lend an ear, take time with each employee and be a team player? This short course offered by LinkedIn features two key ideas: the meaning of work for every player in a chain and being kind to oneself.

mastering your soft skills

Develop your emotional intelligence

Soft skills make a difference during a recruitment process or in your corporate career. Learn how to master them with this MOOC made free by Unow during the lockdown. Acknowledging your feelings and understanding how they work, turning them into decision-making criteria and keys to success and fostering a positive workplace climate are assets that can be put to good use once you’re back in the office.

Develop your professional network

How about taking advantage of the lockdown to rethink your networking strategy? This OpenClassrooms MOOC will show you everything your professional network can offer you and how to cultivate it over time.

only have 10 minutes? take an inspirational break with ted talks  

Working at home, good for business

Remote working has become commonplace in many companies during the lockdown. In this talk, WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg discusses what teleworking changes in workspace dynamics and explains how to ensure that all employees feel connected to each other.

How to develop your employees’ creativity

In each of us lies creativity that can be put to good use on the job every day. Professor Linda Hill has studied some of the companies considered most creative, such as Pixar and Google, to understand how their leaders have fostered their employees’ creativity.

Strengthen team cohesiveness

Team cohesiveness rather than competition is what leads to companies’ success, says CEO and professor Margaret Heffernan. In her view, companies and managers must radically rethink what drives us to do our best and what it means to be a leader.

Break bad management habits to help middle managers up the ladder

Leadership expert Elizabeth Lyle proposes a different approach to managing. Companies expect their future leaders to act faster and more flexibly than ever before. This involves changing how they work and calling into question how they are themselves managed. How can middle managers climb up the corporate ladder while challenging how things have always been done? That is this talk’s topic.

The secret to working better

This talk will help you relax while learning. Shaw Achor, a positive psychology researcher at Harvard, uses personal, real-life examples to show that being upbeat in the present leads to thinking better and working harder, faster and more successfully.