Transportation is a rapidly evolving sector
Audrey, Senior Business Unit Manager AUSY

The French automobile market faces strong competition from China, currently the biggest market in the world. The Chinese government favours the growth of the local manufacturing sector and as a result of this policy, Chinese factories are growing in terms of skills, strength and quality and will soon be able to mass produce vehicles that comply with European environmental and safety regulations. Chinese and French manufacturers therefore tend to group together in order to facilitate French entry into the Chinese market in terms of R&D and production and to keep up with its competitors.  

Today our teams working in R&D centres focus on cleaner vehicles such as hybrid or electric, with a view to reducing greenhouse gas emissions as well as our dependence on petrol. They research new materials that will make vehicles lighter and lower their fuel consumption. 

AUSY accompanies its industrial clients abroad in the development of engine control and electronics of passenger compartments and reinforces its partnership policy to extend its network of experts. Its mechanical centre is involved in the qualification of new materials for future vehicles. 

Future vehicles should also be more focused on the user by developing systems that facilitate driving and security. The industrial automobile sector will integrate new technologies to provide connected and communicating vehicles. Owing to its Natural User eXperience offer and its expertise centres in ergonomics, mobility and touch-screen engineering, AUSY is capable of responding to these new demands. 

In the rail industry, global competition encouraged AUSY to associate itself with major players in the rail market, enabling the Group to accompany its principal clients abroad. Partnerships that AUSY has established with the groups Atkins and Lacroix makes it possible to bring together the most experienced professionals with a perfect knowledge of V cycle. This industrial organisation allows us to position ourselves as a leader in embedded systems and information systems for passengers and to provide integrated and multidisciplinary solutions. As an expert in cabin design and critical SIL software, AUSY undertakes comprehensive rail engineering projects, integrating telecommunication systems for the train driver and signalisation solutions, and working on the physical infrastructure and the electrification of railways. 


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