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Following the upheaval of the telecommunications market, strategies need to be reinvented
Nicolas, Business Development Director AUSY

The emergence of a new operator in 2012 had a dramatic effect on the telecommunications industry, namely a decline in ARPU (Average Revenue Per User). The simplification of the range of business offers proposed by Free marked an abrupt halt of hundreds of commercial offers presented by major historic players. As a result, new web-based communication and sales channels emerged, which prioritised customer service management and soon replaced stores and call centres.

Now the challenge for clients, players in the telecommunications industry, is to recreate value by adapting to new means of communication (web and mobility) and to refine the time-to-market of their offers. Telecommunication operators must prove their capacity to adapt. However, as major groups are diverse in nature, it is difficult to establish a converging environment. It is complicated to implement a new development in an inflexible information system. 

Future projects are therefore focused on simplifying information systems and ensuring that they are malleable, scalable and that there is a convergence between the back office, middle office and even front office. The digitalisation of information systems will also play an important role.

In light of this context, AUSY implements solutions that are agile and therefore more flexible, that can be deployed in a short period of time with an easily measurable ROI. In terms of web and specifically its Drupal offer, AUSY has established an ecosystem of offers relating to ergonomics, touch-screen technology and mobility to assist its clients with IS digitalisation. AUSY also offers Cloud solutions that are more flexible, thus enabling infrastructures to follow suit.


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