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While orders for geostationary telecommunications satellites have fallen significantly since 2017, earth observation constellation and satellite projects have multiplied. In other respects, following the emergence of SpaceX in 2016, Europe decided to begin working on a new ARIANE 6 launch vehicle, to restructure its business model and to examine the possibility of a reusable engine. Today, the space sector is alive with new opportunities: connected objects, surveillance, big data; all combined under the banner of NewSpace.

On a global level, competition has reached a peak. Following the success of the Chinese probe landing on the far side of the moon, in January 2019, a new space race has begun. Europe is eager to retain its leadership by focusing on the maiden flight of ARIANE 6, while the United States has its own formidable Falcon 9 reusable launch vehicle. For its part, the Russian space industry is preparing to return after repeated setbacks in recent years, by adapting the Proton launch system, a competitor of ARIANE 5, for bespoke launches based on the mass of satellites. India too is planning to send a man into space by 2021.

In the highly competitive launch vehicle sector, AUSY provides expertise in navigation system engineering, the management and development of programs for launch vehicles, as well as support for ARIANE 6 development tools.

In other areas, AUSY also works with satellite manufacturers. We provide expertise in embedded software engineering for the avionic computers on satellites, and applications, in particular for ground control, command and data processing segments. AUSY is also involved in the development and qualification of ground segments and on-board electronic hardware for earth observation satellite systems (from architecture to integration).

In addition, AUSY assists the operators of satellite systems and product suppliers with the development and validation of space altimeter products, from design office activities to the management of operations and trials (in-orbit testing, configuration designs, support and validation of operations), including the development of systems for the acquisition of satellite data and data processing. Since 2016, AUSY has also been one of the 5 companies shortlisted by AIRBUS DEFENCE & SPACE for these activities.

At the same time, faced with the threat of the weaponisation of space, the French army is seeking to improve its surveillance and intelligence gathering capabilities, which are essential for military operations. This is where cybersecurity, which is one of AUSY’s specialist areas, becomes critical.

In addition to military threats, there has also been an explosion in the number of communication constellations (which can include up to 600 satellites) and significant growth in the number of earth observation satellites developed for new stakeholders (Peru, Morocco, UAE). Faced with this boom, manufacturers have grasped the need to offer their clients service packages for satellite launches. Against this backdrop, AUSY provides expertise in the fields of data analysis, DevOps and Cloud architecture, allowing it to be seen as a specialist by both major players in the satellite sector and for launch vehicles.

By being part of this space race, AUSY has experienced a significant growth in orders from major market players, which has resulted in its business doubling since 2017.


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