Energy is currently a key issue
Olivier, Energy Operations Manager AUSY

Energy is at the heart of society’s development. The challenges within the energy market are numerous and multi-faceted covering economic, geopolitical, ecological and technological spheres. Regardless of the primary energy source chosen either to cover a shortage or to perpetuate an existing technology, the exploitation of this source should meet growing needs while still protecting the environment.

AUSY addresses some of the following issues:

  • Intelligent management of energy through the development of smart cities thus helping improve energy efficiency and its related industrial processes.  
  • The future of the oil and gas industry lies in new technologies that draw this resource off the coast, from deep waters. AUSY teams contribute to the improvement of offshore installation security, carrying out stability and hydrodynamic studies and performing anchorage and naval architecture calculations. 
  • The Fukushima accident raised concerns about nuclear security. The design of future nuclear power plants, the dismantling of reactors and nuclear waste storage should all be incorporated within the framework of a safe and environmental process. The AUSY engineers carry out deterministic or probabilistic safety studies to this end. Our externalised atomic engineering design office participates in accident operational procedures for future installations. 
  • From an economic point of view, the aim is to control costs inccured in financing the evolution of the energy sector (6 billion euros for the 2 EPR units in the UK, 3.5 billion dollars for the Kaombo project in Angola). AUSY manages the procurement of systems, subsystems and contractors for major players in the nuclear field. 

AUSY ENERGY is above all a team comprising of managers, project directors, experts, engineers, technicians and HR officers who are passionate about their career.

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