Test bench

AUSY has positioned itself on all business lines linked to test bench development. It has the capacity to deliver a complete system with the support of its industrial partners for circuit board manufacturing, machining, wiring and environmental testing.

AUSY' sadded value is in research engineering, scalability, maintainability and longevity of its solutions, management of aging or obsolete systems, test automation and integration of digital simulation models.


Our intervention levels for test benches

A test bench is composed of different material and software elements. Its development requires multi-skill implementation in electronics, real-time embedded and applicative software as well as mechanics.

AUSY has the capacity and the know-how to position itself throughout the entire development cycle of a test bench, from the initial phases of a project to acceptance testing.

AUSY offers:

  • a turnkey solution and its maintenance for the development of a new product
  • the redevelopment of software or hardware subsystems to solve problems related to outdatedness or evolution.

In the upstream phase, we will:

  • Define the overall architecture of the test bench system or subsystem to be developed according to the client’s needs;
  • Define the components of the measurement chain the most adapted to the context: choice of components on the shelves (National Instrument, Heidenhain…), customisation, own developments.

Then we design the circuit boards and develop the different software parts. An industrialisation file is sent to our subcontractors for the production of the circuit boards, the machining and the cabling.

Once the prototype has been received, we will complete a qualification campaign on the hardware and software level and write the test files. Environmental, security and electromagnetic compatibility tests are conducted by independent laboratories or with our partners in order to obtain CE Marking.

In the maintenance phase:

  • we guarantee after-sales service in case of cabling, recalibration or benchmarking needs, obsolescence management under conditions to be defined, for spare parts;
  • we carry out necessary software evolutions in order to make your test bench more durable following hardware changes.


Our core business

We intervene on the following software constituting a test bench:

  • device driver software of electronic equipment (real-time, Linux embedded, DSP, PIC);
  • scientific calculation and algorithmic processing software;
  • simulator, data sending software;
  • real-time acquisition and supervision software;
  • man-machine interface, visualisation tool for the operator;
  • measurement software (all or nothing, client/server type of discussion).

As part of the evolution and modernisation of an existing test bench, depending on its use, we can offer to:

  • automate functional test and measurement operations;
  • integrate digital simulation models.

Test automation makes it possible to:

  • reduce manual repetitive tasks;
  • limit errors;
  • increase test coverage;
  • reduce the validation cycle;
  • increase productivity;
  • save money.

As for digital modelling and simulation, these make it possible to:

  • create more efficient and innovative development environments;
  • reduce the cost of certain kinds of tests;
  • accelerate development;
  • anticipate major changes.

Digital simulation is a true test bench from which design problems can be diagnosed, current equipment can be optimised and new equipment can be developed. The process involves building a digital 3D model of the equipment, selecting relevant physical models and developing conditions of use. The interpretation and exploitation of the results allow for model benchmarking and recalibration between the calculated solutions and the measured responses.

When the circuit boards of the market do not make it possible to respond to the client’s needs, we develop adapted circuit boards or electronic modules.

We assure the consistency and the calibration of the entire measurement chain, instruments and components bought directly from our suppliers.


Our methodology

The added value lies in Ausy engineering study. Dice the upstream definition of the architecture of the bench, which is part of a development of a new bench, optimization of existing or obsolescence management hardware or software phase our technical teams take into account scalability aspects , maintainability and durability of the product. The architecture is conceived in terms of these elements, conditions of use and foreseeable developments. Several technical solutions and technological choices are considered and we issue recommendations to the client based on their needs and constraints.

Any change in hardware:

  • changing a device measuring chain;
  • changing cards (replacement of an electronic component or a subset of the standard logic board system , programmable component, ASIC , FPGA or chip)

Causes a modification, adaptation or recovery of software architecture.

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