Infrastructure services

IT infrastructures at the heart of digital technology

Reducing time to market, developing the digital experience, progressively breaking down barriers between different company departments and securing and deriving value from data are all challenges for companies’ chief information officers. Progression in technology allow us to provide innovative services that meet users’ increasingly demanding needs.

In this environment, companies must transform their IT infrastructure so it is more flexible and performs better to support new value-creating processes. Of course, this transformation implies not only technological but organisational changes that are often more difficult to implement.

The development of our IT infrastructure services is the results of continuous dynamics that have allowed us to accompany our clients in making progress in technology and their professions for more than ten years. Today, this development is a key priority in our strategic plan.


Our Infrastructure Services Offer

Our domains of expertise and solutions

Our culture of innovation and teams of specialists support our portfolio of offers that accompany our clients in choosing, implementing, and operating innovative solutions that help them transform their infrastructure. To achieve this, it covers all of the major domains of IT infrastructure expertise:


  • Networks: rolling out and implementing secure networks (fixed, mobile, business) and IoT, communication protocols, etc.;
  • Cyber-security: regulatory compliance, governance, pentesting, etc.;
  • Systems and virtualization: data centre engineering and operations, expertise in workstations and unified communications;
  • Data storage and management: storage, databases, Data Lifecycle Management (DLM);
  • Operations management: production, provisioning, operations, administration, etc.

To support this expertise and help its clients transform and innovate, AUSY also offers three solutions through national solution units:



  • Go-to-cloud: advice in cloud transformation processes;
  • DevOps: smoothing the software delivery chain through more agile operations and developing client team culture;
  • Innovation: advising in developing and establishing innovative solutions by sharing AUSY’s culture and capacity of innovation and its innovation centre.


Our services & levels of operation

AUSY has a wide range of services that it can bring to each step of its projects:


  • Upstream of the consulting phases when defining the project and/or choosing the solutions best suited to our clients’ needs and their existing infrastructure;
  • During the design phases, whether through the technical approaches in designing solutions and architecture or in business approaches in designing services with a real ability to produce proofs of concept (POC);
  • During the build phases by covering all the stages of development, integration, commissioning, and rollout of the solution and/or through project management;
  • During the run (operations) phases by providing good service continuity and progressivity.

Since each project is unique, AUSY’s commitments, ranging from consulting and expertise to providing a turnkey solution, are always tailored to clients’ constraints and demands. Additionally, AUSY’s lengthy experience in terms of transforming modes of engagement allows us to change them (particularly towards more engagement) during production so that they fit with the changes in the project and clients’ needs.


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