At the end of 2018, renewable energy in France accounted for less than 20% of the country’s energy mix. However, France has the necessary climatic and geographic conditions (strong winds and sunshine coefficients), as well as the necessary resources (abundant hydrological resources and geothermal deposits) to develop greener energy on a larger scale.

AUSY has chosen to support the development of the wind and photovoltaic sectors by offering a range of bespoke services.


Green energy

Onshore/offshore wind turbine farms

Onshore wind farming along with solar energy is the most promising avenue for developing renewable energy resources in France. Offshore wind farms were first installed on France’s west coast with six large-scale projects (Courseulles-sur-Mer, Fécamp, Saint-Nazaire, Saint-Brieuc, Ile-de-Groix and Belle-Île-en-Mer) using wind turbines anchored with monopiles and suction buckets.

AUSY can assist with the development, engineering, construction and commissioning of onshore wind farms of all sizes. Whether it is site identification via SIG (ArcGis, QGis, MapInfo, etc.), potential studies (WindPro, Meteodyn for wind turbines), environmental studies, obtaining authorisation or managing relations with stakeholders (elected officials, residents, government officials), AUSY can support the development of your projects from A to Z thanks to its expertise and partners.

We have worked on foundations of wind turbines with anchor cages and concrete towers, PV ground structures, as well as creating roads and platforms, and dry HVA/LVA power supply networks.

An example of a major project: our teams managed the construction of the Catalan wind farm, which included the installation of 35 wind turbines with a total output of 96 MW.

Thanks to our expertise in the oil industry (geotechnics, hydrodynamics and offshore engineering), AUSY was able to support the development of the first French offshore projects. Our experts were in charge of the entire Civil Engineering scope, among other areas, (structural analysis of the concrete foundation, choosing suppliers, liaising with inspection authorities and monitoring construction work) for the first French prototype of a floating wind turbine.


Photovoltaic solar energy

The competitiveness of photovoltaic electricity compared to traditional and other renewable sources of electricity production is now an undisputed fact. Today, it meets almost 4% of our electricity requirements via photovoltaic farms, solar concentration plants and solar roofing panels.

Our ongoing projects include floating solar plants that capture the sun’s rays from the sea, and new agrovoltaic methods that optimise heat resulting in a higher agricultural yield.

AUSY’s expertise covers potential studies, engineering (civil engineering, materials engineering, electronic engineering, control systems and hydrodynamics), design and construction, commissioning tests, as well as Guarantees of Perfect Completion tests and the lifting of reservations. AUSY is also involved in maintenance and operational works to optimise and adapt the field by carrying out production checks and maintaining the facilities. Finally, AUSY can also take care of Due Diligence requirements e.g. evaluating and validating the strengths/weaknesses of a planned project for the purchase of a pre-construction project.

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