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AUSY's core function is to be at the heart of technology innovation, constantly devising new solutions and approaches. And this dynamism and desire to innovate are found at all levels – whether in our customers’ R&D platforms or Labs, in the projects we implement at our Delivery Centers, or internally as we transition our organisational structure to digital. What we offer our customers, therefore, is both an internal perspective and a user-centred business perspective, with a forward-looking approach, significant experience feedback and a solid industrial capacity to implement, integrate and deploy innovative technological solutions.


The AUSY innovation ecosystem

R&D Innovation Center
In addition to our DNA and our innovation-focused structures, our strength lies in our mature industrial organisational structure, with our own Delivery Centers and tailored modes of engagement, going from fast prototyping to the development of industrialised solutions, a network of partners with high added technological value and a support offer for tailored implementation. To find out more…


A range of services for tailored support

Do you need support in implementing more collaborative practices and integrating innovative solutions? Do you require advice in orchestrating the digital transformation of your engineering capability? Are you looking for new high-value skills in disruptive technologies? We have the solution.  To find out more…



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