Omnipresent networks

This is nothing new, but it bears repeating: There are no longer any economic areas that do not require using networks to operate.

The development of networks is one of the prevailing drivers of the development of human activities. And considering the world’s current movement towards digitisation, networks can even be considered a pillar, a must-have component for exchanging data (sounds, images, data, content).

In the current and future developments, there are two major trends:

  • A clear orientation towards very high speed with proactive deployment, whether fixed with fibre or mobile with 5G.
  • The emergence and rapid expansion of a new class or low-speed or very low-speed networks with low power consumption.

In terms of uses, current conditions tend to favour digital mobility and teleworking, leading companies to focus their efforts on the connectivity, availability, and security of their infrastructure. The same goes for the growing use of connected objects in the industrial sector to facilitate predictive maintenance and increase productivity or in the public sector, for example to make data “intelligent” and interconnected.


With AUSY, you benefit from a wide range of expertise across all existing network technologies

Based on its long-standing positioning since its creation in 1989, AUSY has supported all developments and innovations in the world of networks to now offer full coverage of all types of networks operated in the world.




Our 360° network positioning incorporates both physical networks and network services.




Services designed to answer all your problems!

AUSY offers a complete range of services at all stages of a network’s life cycle, from the design and architecture phase to its operation.



Tailored solutions for even more services and efficiency!

Our service, deployment, or network operation packages have satisfied our clients, given that they currently represent 65% of our network activities.

With them, you benefit from a proven solution with an organisation tailored to your needs and built around a contract offering a commitment to results.


Our service platforms are industrialised with standardised tools and processes. Our teams are highly adaptable, and the resulting organisation is completely flexible and scalable.

With these solutions, you can also take advantage of AUSY’s substantial experience to transform your business activities to incorporate greater engagement and performance. Our specialists in this area will be happy to work with you to find the best solutions based on your constraints and objectives. We can also set up a catalogue of services based on work units for fee-for-service billing.

Lastly, we can make our localisation and cost optimisation skills available to you. We offer various options, which can be combined, relying on our delivery centres and our nearby, local, offshore, or nearshore platforms.


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