AUSY’s Electronic Offer and Joint Venture with Electronics Manufacturing Services Provider (EMS) LACROIX Electronics


AUSY’s electronic systems offer requires heavy management to meet many challenges, such as varying sales cycles, multiple partners, a convergence in mechanical engineering, electronics, and software skills with an often-high level of commitment.

For several years, AUSY and LACROIX Electronics have worked closely as partners to respond to requests for proposals together. Given the complementarity of their businesses, skills, and markets, the two companies decided to pool their resources, skills, and teams to offer their clients industrial electronics solutions with high added value.

In 2014, the two partners created a joint venture to offer an unprecedented, global industrial solution. This solution addresses major global manufacturing groups, covering all the stages in the value chain, from design to mass production of electronic assemblies and sub-assemblies (Build To Spec). It also allows us to offer competitive prices based on the expression of functional needs.

To breathe life into the end-to-end offer, AUSY and LACROIX Electronics rely on design offices, integration platforms and production factories in France, Germany, Poland, and Tunisia. Both partners also intend to make use of all their locations to advise their clients optimally.

The joint venture’s key clients work in the civil and defence aviation, automobile, smarthome, manufacturing, and healthcare markets. It offers a very wide range of services that relies on:

  • Its expertise in software and hardware design: thanks to its project management skills, the joint venture can operate right from the functional requirements, continue with the design of boards and mechanical sub-assemblies, create prototypes, verify and qualify boards and sub-assemblies, develop field-programmable gate array (FPGA) and software security solutions, and offer a palette of on-demand services ranging from technical troubleshooting to managing component obsolescence.
  • Its international industrial know-how and capabilities provide clients with made-to-measure production services with the industrial time to market and the highest levels of quality and business competitiveness with the support of LACROIX factories’ “Time to Volume” industrial measures in Europe and North Africa.

Both companies apply the most rigorous quality accreditations: EN9100, DO-254, DO-178B, DO-160, PART21G, PART145.


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