AUSY’s Electronic Offer and Joint Venture with Electronics Manufacturing Services Provider (EMS) LACROIX Electronics

AUSY’s electronics systems offer requires strong management in order to respond to multiple challenges: different sales cycles, multiple partners and skills convergence in mechanics, electronics and software with often elevated levels of commitment.

For many years, AUSY and LACROIX Electronics had already closely collaborated as partners when responding to calls for tender. Since they were aware of the great complementarity in their fields, skills and markets, the two companies chose to combine their means, expertise and teams in order to offer their clients high added-value solutions in industrial electronics.

In 2014, the two partners created a joint-venture in order to present a global and unprecedented industrial solution. This solution, aimed especially at large global industrial organisations, takes into account all the steps of the value chain, from design to production in a series of electronics sets and subsets (Build to Spec). It also makes it possible to offer competitive prices on the basis of the needs of the client.

To bring this “end-to-end” offer to life, AUSY and LACROIX Electronics rely on study centres, integration platforms and production factories in France, Germany, Poland and Tunisia. The two partners can expect to operate equally well from all of their locations in order to assure optimal support for their clients.

The principal clients of the joint venture operate in the markets of civil and defence aeronautics, automobiles, home automation, industry and health. The range of services offered is extensive and relies upon:

  • Expertise in software and hardware design: thanks to its mastery of project management, the joint venture can begin its work as soon as the client provides functional specifications. The joint venture can work on card and mechanical subset design, prototype fabrication, card and subset verification and qualification and solution development for FPGA or software securing. It can offer a spectrum of services available upon request, from technical expertise on malfunctioning equipment to management of outdated components.
  • Its know-how and industrial capacities, which are at an international level. It makes it possible to offer customised services to its clients, better industrialisation timeframes (“Time to Market”) and the highest levels of quality and economic competitiveness, supported by industrial facilities at the LACROIX factories in Europe and North Africa (“Time to Volume”).

The two companies have mastered the most demanding quality standards: EN9100, DO254, DO178B, DO160, PART21G and PART145.

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