Embedded systems

Our lines of business support a system approach.

Today, in addition to our capacity to develop equipment and to offer definition files tailored to client specifications and needs, our clients request support during industrialisation, production and maintenance phases while their products are in operational condition. Our package offer allows us to have a system approach in a “Build to Spec” arrangement and to support them throughout the equipment’s lifespan. Through the package, we also provide industrial maintenance for durations of 20 years with the support of our partner network, which includes Lacroix Electronics, an electronics manufacturing service provider (EMS). Our know-how consists of system definitions and electronic, mechanical and software design. We manage circuit board development, and we draw on great names in the field which have the material and appropriate infrastructure for qualification.

Circuit board specification and design

Development of FPGA, ASIC and SOC


DO254 Methodology

Defect analysis expertise

Justification files

Computer-aided design, technical drawings, nomenclature, ISO quotations

Analytic calculations, finite elements, static, vibratory, crash and thermal analysis

Implementation, development, follow-up and analysis of physical tests

Software architecture

real-time embedded development

DO178 Methodology

Integration and configuration of OS

Low layers and drivers

Information systems, applications and Man Machine Interfaces

Functional validation

Qualification plan preparation (Electromagnetic compatibility, vibratory, thermal…)

Test means and debugging development

Follow-up on environmental trials

CE marking

Architecture and design

electronic studies

test strategy

software development


DfM (Design for Manufacturing)

DfP (Design for Procurement)

DfT (Design for Test)

DfT (Design for Test)

Approval of series production


PART 145

Small and large production series

Addressed through the AUSY-LACROIX joint venture

Processing of outdated materials

Component purchases

Management of REACH-ROS references

Third Party Application Maintenance

Supply chain management

Quality workshop

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