IT infrastructures at the heart of digital technology

Reduction of time-to-market, development of the digital experience, gradual disappearance of silos between corporate departments, and data securing and enhancement are all challenges for corporate CIOs. Technological developments allow the needs of increasingly demanding users to be met. They also offer the ability to provide innovative services.

Given these circumstances, companies are forced to transform their IT infrastructure to make it more efficient and more flexible to support new value-creation processes. This transformation obviously entails technological but also organisational changes that are often more difficult to implement.

The development of our IT infrastructure services is the result of a continuous dynamic that has enabled us to support our clients in the evolution of technologies and business areas for more than ten years. Today, this development is a major priority in our strategic plan.


Our Digital Infrastructure & Cybersecurity Solutions

Our areas of expertise

Driven by our innovation culture and teams of specialists, our portfolio of solutions aims to support our clients in selecting, implementing, and running innovative solutions to transform their infrastructure. To do this, it covers all the major areas of expertise of IT infrastructure:

  • Systems: support from architecture to running your systems and design of the “workstation of tomorrow”;
  • Networks & Telecoms: support from architecture to running your networks with suitable, effective services at each stage of the life cycle;
  • Cybersecurity: addressing regulatory or governance issues up to technical and technological issues;
  • Cloud: support in the technical and organisational transformation to the Cloud regardless of your level of maturity;
  • Innovation: complete, innovative solutions thanks to our four fundamental, applied, and experimental development research centres, our high-added-value, renown partners, and our global expertise network.


A wide range of services

Our role: to support you in implementing innovative solutions and running your infrastructure.


Our teams are involved at every stage of your project:

  • Upstream during consulting phases by defining the project and/or selecting the solutions best suited to your needs and existing infrastructure;
  • During design phases, through technical approaches for the design of solutions and architecture and through business approaches for the design of services, with a real capacity for Proof of Concept (POC)
  • During Build phases, by supporting all stages of development, integration, production, and deployment of the solution and/or through project management;
  • During Run stages, by ensuring good continuity of service and scalability of the solution.

Since each project is unique, AUSY’s roles, ranging from consulting and expertise to providing a turnkey solution, are always tailored to and based on the client’s constraints and demands. In addition, AUSY’s extensive experience in terms of transformation of roles now allows us to develop them during implementation to adapt to changes in your projects and needs.


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