AUSY: A key player in secure software

Software development is one of AUSY’s flagship activities. AUSY is a leader in critical and protected software, especially embedded software for planes or in vehicles (such as trains and cars). AUSY works on important software activities and has access to industrialised and standardized development infrastructures in Europe, Asia and North America. Naturally, specific security tools and secure development practices have progressively been integrated into our project processes and deployed across the Group. This has particularly been the case with our continuous integration platforms, which are now the standard for delivering quality software.

In a secure software development framework, security aspects are taken into account and managed throughout the development cycle.

A risk analysis is conducted with each specification and design phase. Coding and vulnerabilities are reviewed and evaluated constantly, especially at the end of each phase.

Corrective actions and good practices are implemented following a continuous improvement loop.

AUSY now has a wealth of experience to master the key points of software security, including:
- authentication and password management;
- session management;
- systematic encryption of sensitive feeds and information;
- error and log management;
- data protection.


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