Career plan

Human resources are an essential element of our added value, which is why they form one of the pillars of our strategy. We do everything we can to encourage you to join us and to ensure that you stay with us for as long as possible. With this aim in mind, we have created the ACE (AUSY Career Evolution) Programme which is intended to help your career. 

The programme provides a clear vision of the different career paths possible within AUSY. A chart has been created that outlines the different career evolutions possible. 

ACE has several objectives:

  • A better definition of job positions 
  • A clear vision of roles and expected skills
  • A vision of mobility and possible evolutions within the Group

When you join AUSY, you have the possibility of directing your professional career in two different ways: 

  • Vertically: evolution within a specific category 
  • Horizontally: career changes (from one category to another) 

We have identified 4 main categories: Commercial, Technical, Functional and Project Management, which cover all the different business activities of the group. 

This evolution programme is supported by the AUSY University, a State-approved training organisation that allows employees to develop skills.