our french board.

laurent gadea

laurent gadea

CEO Ausy France

nicolas alloncle ausy

nicolas alloncle

chief information officer

agathe leblond governance

agathe leblond

communication director

severine lesgourgues

séverine lesgourgues

human resources director

guitel mazor ausy

guitel mazor

financial and administrative director

benoit durandet ausy

benoit durandet

executive vice president in charge of solutions

jean philippe aitelli

jean-philippe aitelli

executive vice president in charge of operations

edna damis

edna damis-emkeyes

legal director

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our global excom group

frank ribuot ausy

frank ribuot

chairman of ausy group and CEO of randstad group in france

jerome gontard ausy

jérôme gontard

group chief executive officer

nick goldie ausy

nick goldie

group chief operating officer

Youssef El Ayachi

youssef el ayachi

group chief financial officer

andy stynen ausy

andy stynen

group chief digital officer and chief executive officer belgium & luxembourg